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Each grape and leaf are rendered to represent the variety of grape used to make each wine. The shape of each glass is the connoisseur's choice of the best shape for the maximum flavor from that varietal. Jim LaMar, Editor of Professional Friends of Wine and teacher of viticulture at Cal State Fresno edited my descriptors of each wine variety. The descriptors  are printed one letter at a time with rubber stamps. Torn paper collage with watercolor and rubber stamp lettering.
Cabernet Sauvignon/W-1 The aristocrat of red grapes. Cabernet makes aromatically distinctive wines with life and backbone. Often blended with Bordeaux, many California vintners like their Cabs pure. Flavors range from berry to cassis to eucalyptus, with age from cigar box to saddle.
Pinot Grigio/W-5 Pinot Grigio is usually delicately fragrant and mildly floral depending on the ripeness of the grape and the wine maker's hand. It can be tangy and light or rich and round. It its one wine that may age well.
Chardonnay/W-4 California cherishes its most popular white wine grape. Depending on the soil and the hand of the wine maker, Chardonnay's flavors can range from smoky to creamy, from appley to melon. Picked early the grape can yield excellent champagne.
Merlot/W-3 Bordeaux's most widely planted grape is of increasing importance in California's vineyards and has become the new generic red wine for the 21st century. Merlot is early maturing on the vine and in the bottle. Flavors range from currant to cherry, from earth to leather.

Once thought to be California's indigenous red wine grape, Zinfandel produces a variety of fruity red wines. With spicy raspberry accents it can become a light white Zin or a big red. Late harvest grapes can be made into a delicious dessert wine.
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