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I worked hard researching the teas of the world. I chose the variety of tea, found out where it was grown, how it was harvested and dried. I searched for a flower and a teapot that related to the tea or country of origin. I took copious notes and had a stack of teapot photos. As an artist it is wonderful to have access to the information and the millions of images available on the internet. "Hey", said a friend, "you know Pete's Coffee sells teas and has a book about them too". So I went to Pete's to see about it. "The tea booklets are over there on that counter", the barista told me, "and they're free". And though Pete confirmed all I had learned and then some, he didn't have any pictures or info on flowers or teapots, so my week had been worth it in acquiring the details of the design elements I needed.
Torn paper collage with watercolor accents.

Engllish Breakfast/T-6
A blend of full bodied black teas traditionally served with milk.
A brisk, flowery flavored black tea. A rosy colored cup from Sri Lanka.
Genmai Cha/T-4
Tender green leaves and toasted rice make a sweet and nutty tea.
Earl Grey/T-3
A blend of black teas flavored with the citrusy taste of Bergamont oil.
Spring harvest's green tea leaves married to summer's finest Jasmine flowers.
Indian black tea, brisk, bright and floral. A golden light infusion.
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