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It's great fun to integrate written recipes with pictures of their component parts and the kitchen tools that are necessary to make them. Planning a solid composition to accommodate all the parts might find me making sketches for days. After the items in the composition are drawn, colored, cut or torn and glued down, I rubber stamp the recipes on tracing paper placed over the collage to figure out the spacing before I lay a stamp on the original.  Spacing is tough and sometimes I print the words to the left of an object starting with last letter and working to the first to make sure it fits nicely. See the word "sugar". I printed it starting near the teapot spout, "ragus", working right to left. Torn paper collage with rubber stamp lettering.
Shiny nori is used for the sushi wrapper
Sushi R4
Salad Nicoise/R-3
Enchilada/ R-2
Mizutaki Sauce/R-5
Butternut Squash Soup/R-6