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Living next to a park, I am never far from wildlife. The racoons are often washing their hands in my birdbath while the deer are walking along the edge of the back fence. I thought I'd celebrate the furry and the feathered in a series of collage portraits. I usually use a selection of photos to make a composite "best of the best" of my subjects, so I would normally refer to four to six fox photos to make one fox collage. This time in my research, I found three photographs that were so perfect that I wanted to use them as my only reference. I contacted the photographers and obtained their permission to use their work as a basis for mine. You will see the photographer's credit lines under those designs.
FP1/ Deer
FP3/ Owl
FP5/ Mountain Lion
FP7/ Foxes/ From a photo by Ron Day
FP9/ Fawns/ From a photo by Heather Green/
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FP2/ Fox
FP4/ Raccoon/ From a photo by Ron Day
FP6/ Coyote
FP8/ Raccoons/ From a photo by Ron Day
FP10/ Owls