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Dog/Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever/ DB1
This series began with the Golden Retriever. I liked him so much I decided to do the ten most popular breeds in the United States and then with requests and commissions, I've done fifteen breeds to date. I worked from many photographs, mixing and matching them to get the best of the breed. I often added open mouths to make them look friendly and smiling while trying to choose the right papers and colors to make good tongues, convincing fur and shiny eyes. Each portrait is made of torn and cut paper glued to a watercolor background. I spent a long time learning about the traits of each breed and spent even longer trying to compose some great sayings that reflected the characteristics of each type of dog. The characteristics and breed names are rubber stamped one letter at a time. It was a time consuming project, but a fun one too.
Collage with rubber stamp lettering.

German Shepherd/DB 4
An energetic workaholic, a faithful partner, an intelligent, loyal friend
Chihuahua/ DB 7
A comical entertainer, a fearless protector, a companionable homebody
Shih Tzu/ DB 10
an animated feather duster, a proud and regal moppet, a home-sweet-home companion
Boxer/ DB 13
A high energy hunk, a beefy bouncer, an affectionate buddy
Labrador Retriever/ DB 2
An energetic athlete, a goodhearted dynamo, a loving family member
Schnauzer/DB 5
A bushy-browed sentry, a smart & spunky live-wire, a faithful family steward
Pug/ DB 8
An affectionate hardhead, an impish clown, a cuddly couch potato
Dachshund/ DB 11
An affectionate friend, a low-slung backhoe, a clever, noisy clown
Cocker Spaniel/ DB14
An affectionate tail-wagger, a sunny sweetheart, a playful, merry moppet
Beagle/ DB 3
A gifted escape artist, a cheerful rascal, an entertaining playmate

Poodle/ DB 6
A talented ringmaster, a playful clown, a smart & clever student

Yorkshire Terrier/ DB 12
An affectionate cutie, a bold and agile toughy, a yappy yard protector
Rottweiler/ DB 15
A big, bulky rowdy, a courageous guardian, a gentle footwarmer
Pomeranian/ DB 9
A bright eyed doorbell, a loving fur ball, a spunky, loyal protector
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