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Without today’s endless selection of entertaining resources, we kids were left to our own devices and our imaginations. We spent a lot of time outdoors. Sticks were swords, pebbles were for skipping across puddles or ponds, grass blades made whistles and our collections were from nature; things you could carry home in your pocket or in your bike basket: bird nests, eggs, stones, leaves, shells.

We waded in the surf, forded streams and gutters. We sat with our hands in the grass or on the sand…every part of us in touch with the earth.

I try to stay in touch with those times so I can keep that connection to nature and that appreciation for life. I try to let my youth’s eye guide the practiced brush.


I'm a graduate of The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, class of 1965. My degree is in painting.

I designed art needlework kits for many years working as the Product Development Manager for Sunset Designs. I developed products for Peking Handicraft: needlepoint items, quilts and wood products. Working as a freelance designer, I traveled to China to design a line of ribbon and floral products. I have designed everything from stuffed animals to fabric food to T-shirts kits, wood products to paper mache animals and birds.

I work with manufacturing companies who produce my designs or put them on their products. I have a small greeting card company and I sell my paper mache birds in local galleries.

I live with my rescue poodle mix, Bob, overlooking the East Bay Regional Park on the edge of the Hayward Fault in Oakland, California.
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Nancy Overton
The studio. Birds drying on the fire screen.
The studio with drawing board and storage
The drawing board with cats in progress.