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My interest in food and cooking, my interest in the garden (flowers, vegetables, fruit and birds) tend to preoccupy my artistic thinking and more often than not end up as the subjects of my art.

I have always loved collage (pushing pieces of paper around in space until their relationships are begging to be glued forever) and have developed a combination of watercolor and collage that seems to suit my patience level and my personality.

I buy colored paper or make colored paper by gluing mulberry paper to white paper from the copier. I color these sheets with watercolor to suit the needs of my subject matter. I hand tear or cut out the shapes and glue them to a watercolor background. I add more paper shapes for details and shadows or use more watercolor to define the subjects. I often add lettering (torn out letters or rubber stamped lettering) that describes the subject matter.

Each design is made up of many individual cut or torn pieces of paper. I often use tweezers and toothpicks to help place the small pieces. I use Elmer's Glue because it is forgiving and can be undone by applying a little water. The rubber stamp lettering cannot be undone and misspelling is a constant danger.

I enjoy researching my subjects, writing copy
about them and incorporating the lettering in the composition.

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